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Crossword clue answers for Cit. (Footnote Abbr.)

The clue Cit. (Footnote Abbr.) appeared on The New York Times on Sunday, 21 December, 2008. The most likely answer is LOC.

Other Clues on 21 December, 2008 from The New York Times

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Hog lovers
Cheesy snack
Bad sport
Kind of valve in the heart
Potato source
Like some chocolat
Prefix with -logy
Witnesses giving written testimony
Barbecue sound
Wrap up by
Round dances
Bother no end
Symbol of strength
Repeat calls?
N.F.L. coach with a perfect 17-0 record in 1972
Like preowned cars
Spin-producing tennis shot
Like Silly Putty
Neat as ___
Oslo's land: Abbr.
Wave off
Fulminate (against)
Gets ready to go out in the cold
Book in which the destruction of Samaria is foreseen
Gang brawl
Violent behavior, in British slang
It means a lot to Jorge
Oktoberfest souvenir
Candied holiday serving
Former Toyota
Pacific salmon
Invited to one's penthouse, say
"Hooked on Classics" record company
Cry when a surprise guest arrives
Stuck, after "in"
Having bristles
View from a beach house
Elizabeth Ann and others
With 83-Down, early learning aid
Egypt's Mubarak
Like some fireplaces
Warm blanket material
Answered the phone
G.M. or G.E.
Top-Sider, e.g.
1501, on a monument
TV's Science Guy and others
Sound: Prefix
Memorable parties
Cracks up
Regis Philbin, e.g.
Bug-B-Gon maker
Code-cracking org.
Without delay
Georges Braque, for one
Fruitcake flavorings
Throat soother
Boot camp pals
Landing spot for 74-Down
Plumbers' drain openers
Banquo in Verdi's "Macbeth," e.g.
2008 documentary about the national debt
U.F.O. fliers
Choir supports
Act opener
Basketry palm
"We've got ___!"
Rum Tum Tugger, for one
Greeting from 74-Down
Tabs in the fridge?
Buried treasures
Open indelicately
Maniacal leader?
Schedule of TV programs
Mild chili designation
Song whose subject is encouraged to "hurry down the chimney tonight"
Singer James
What remains
Apollo's birthplace
Towers' attachments
Grape graspers
Includes in an e-mailing
___ Na Na
Rustic excursions
Bongo, e.g.
Wrap fully
Country singer McCann
K-6 sch. designation
By surprise
Sound of the Northwest
D.D.E. opponent
___ cit. (footnote abbr.)
One reaching a goal?
"Burma Looks Ahead" author
Bossy types?
Mass production figure?
C.I.S. members, once
Whom psychiatrists see
Stick in the water?
Three French ___
December 25 answer to 69-Across?
Anoint with sacred oil, old-style
Early PC interface
QB Manning
Archaic verb ending
Javelins and Hornets, e.g.
See 82-Across
Father ___
Succeeded at musical chairs
Poet's foot
Paintbrushes and such
It's worth 100 smackers
Lays off
Manners of speaking
Cries of pain
U.S.N. rank
A couple of people may work in it
Subject for Galileo
Leaves for a buffet?
Ring figures
Joe Jackson's "___ Really Going Out With Him?"
Phoebe of "Gremlins"
Neeson of "Rob Roy"
Single-named supermodel
Siouan speaker
It's closed on Dec. 25
"Let's call ___ night"
Lawyer: Abbr.
"Aladdin" monkey
Neck wrap