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Crossword clue answers for *How A Tot Rides On Someone's Shoulders

The clue *How A Tot Rides On Someone's Shoulders appeared on The New York Times on Monday, 06 November, 2017. The most likely answer is PIGGYBACK.

Other Clues on 06 November, 2017 from The New York Times

There are 74 other clues that appeared in the same crossword as this clue.

Deals with a problem
What X equals in Roman numerals
Mature, as wine
"There's a mouse!"
Polite plea to a parent
Yale student, informally
Sea, to Debussy
*Out-of-vogue hairstyle akin to a mullet
What "compares 2 U" in a 1990 #1 Sinead O'Connor hit
When doubled, an African fly
Thick piece of concrete
Like a G.I. cleaning up after a meal, maybe
Speak grandly
*Condition with feet turned inward
Nobel laureate Wiesel
Almost vertical, as a slope
*How a tot rides on someone's shoulders
Nurse, as a drink
Gooey road cover
*Two ones, in dice
Monsoon events
Nashville's home: Abbr.
Like a centaur or faun ... or a hint to the answer to each of this puzzle's starred clues
Washington's ___ Sound
Drug cop
Transoceanic alliance since 1949
Nike competitor
Western tribe member
Acorn, for one
On the market, as a house
*Signs of a much-used book
Suffix with nectar or elephant
Have the attention of
Psychedelic drug, briefly
The "L" of L.A.P.D.
Sierra ___ (African land)
Summer vacation lodging
Result of three strikes
City planner's map
Inventor dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park"
Feature of the word "psalm" or "pterodactyl"
Camping stake
Race of people in "The Time Machine"
The "N" of TNT
"Star Wars" queen
Unit of work
"Heads or tails!"
Speaks with a hoarse voice
*Foolish sort
*Really something, with "the"
Japanese pond swimmer
Andy's boy on "The Andy Griffith Show"
Driller in R.O.T.C., maybe: Abbr.
Knitting material
Fuel additive brand
Those getting excited when thinking?
Made irate
Team with the most World Series victories (27)
Historical period
Layered Austrian pastry
Humble response to "How do you do it all?"
It is "full of genius, full of the divinity," per Henry David Thoreau
Vegas machines
Start of a play
Kids' batting game
Frozen waffle brand
Suffix with Caesar